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Captain Leads By Example (Gio Recovering)

The Saracens Men headed off to Steinbach on a hot and muggy night in full force. We had 30 men ready to do battle for the Blue & Gold.

The Sarries opened the scoring with a penalty kick from Colin Fraser, the thistles struck back with a well timed interception that went under the posts. After a missed conversion the Thistles lead at half time 3-5.

The Saracens started the second half strong on the back of the Captain Brad Christensen who scored two second half tries and did all the hard yards on a third try allowing Adam Ellis to touch the ball to the post for 5 more. Colin Fraser added 2 more conversions and 2 more second half penalties to make the final score 28-8 for the Sarries.

In other Saracen news Gio Rhodes is now recovering from his Achilles surgery and the entire Saracen family can`t wait to see him back on the pitch next season.

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