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10 Saracens Men Represent Manitoba Last Weekend in Saskatchewan

The Senior Manitoba Buffalo traveled to Regina for a double header weekend v. the South Saskatchewan Prairie Fire, and the North Saskatchewan Wolverines. The team was led by three great coaches including Saracen Rick Romsa (middle of picture). From left to right in the back row are Andrew (Rupert) Curtis, who played hook and flank, Devon (HE-MAN) Adamson and Ty Jolly who dominated the centre positions, Coach Romsa, Taylor (Hutty) Laurans who played hooker and prop, Jessie (Gazzy) Gesell and Andrew (Shelly) Sheldon who dawned the wings. In the front row of the picture from left to right are Nick (Jesus) Devine, prop, Matt (Batman) Flamand Flanker, Colin (Prez) Fraser Fly-Half, Scott (Laker) Lake rounded out the Saracens contingent also playing prop. The Saracens made their Club and Province proud, losing the first game by 7 after being down 25 at the half to the Prairie Fire, but coming back strong on Sunday to defeat the Wolverines.

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