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“The Year of the Saracen”

SNAFU august Long Weekend

Thursday, August 2-Sunday, August 5, 2018


  • We start with a Thursday evening Meet and Greet at Boogies on Main St. (near the Redwood Bridge), and can reconnect with Saracens past and present  practice up your stories, or make some up.


  • We’ll launch into our Golf Day with breakfast (8:30-9:30) at Shooters’ and a 10:30 am Shotgun Start for 9 holes of golf, or, Spa or shopping spree options for others.

  • Friday evening we’ll meet for drinks at Maple Grove Rugby Park, for live and lively boxing at the annual SNAFU friday night Fight Night Boxing Exhibition.


  • The games begin in the sunshine at Maple Grove as our 48th SNAFU tournament kicks off. Expert commentary on games will likely emanate from the shade of the beer tent.

  • In the evening, we repair to The Gates, for a lovely celebration gala dinner.


  • SNAFU action continues at Maple Grove on Sunday and are days’ our 50th Celebration continues with a social at Maple Grove.

































































Contact and Communication-We have heard from some, now need to hear from you.

As our club grows, people move around and e-mail addresses change, it is hard to keep in touch. We have hundreds of e-mails and try to keep current. It’s a challenge, but we are a team.

So please, if you can do your part

1-Pass this message on to others and ask them to do so

2-Copy 50th Celebration Chair Dave Wilson  so he can add more Saracens to the list

3-If you change e-mails, please let Dave know

4-if you know someone is out of touch, or moved, tell them to e-mail Dave

5-pass on this info to every Saracen you know, as all may not have been on the distribution.

Oh yes, please tell us you are coming, so we can plan better.

You can contact dave using the small form below

To have a successful Celebration, we will need Saracens to pitch in,


1-To help on the day of events

     (if you can’t join a Committee, helping at events makes them successful. Tell us if you can.)

2-To join a Committee to help plan

       (The more who help, the less the work.)


       (There are always things to help with)


The waiting is over, “The Year of the Saracen” is here.


We hope you will help contact others and join the celebration. Whether you live near or far, we want to see you!

Please keep in touch, offer to help where you can, and stay tuned!

CONTACT 50th chair dave wilson

Thanks! Message sent.

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